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Welcome to the National Pro-Choice Adoption Collaborative, (NPAC).

We offer expectant parents:

  • All Options Pro-Choice Pregnancy Counseling

    You’ll explore all your pregnancy options: parenting, abortion and adoption.

  • A Safe Space

    You can freely explore your options without pressure or judgment.

  • Empathetic Counselors

    Our counselors are highly qualified, experienced and compassionate.

  • Absolute Equality is Given to All Three Pregnancy Options

    We're here to support you no matter what decision you make. Our focus is on personal choice.

    Latina Woman
    “I am very excited that the Abortion Care Network has been able to welcome TRULY pro-choice agencies that put women first.”
    Charlotte Taft, Imagine Counseling

    Two non-profit, high-integrity national agencies have formed the National Pro-Choice Adoption Collaborative.

    NPAC is Open Adoption & Family Services (OA&FS) and Friends in Adoption (FIA). We are very unique in that we are pro-choice, not religiously affiliated and do not discriminate.

    Much misinformation still exists about adoption. Many unsuspecting women fall prey to exploitative, for-profit adoption facilitators. Additionally, over 95% of adoption agencies are religiously affiliated, advocating an anti-choice agenda and antiquated adoption practices.

    We provide an empowerment model to expectant parents, and will truly honor your individual choice. We are the experts in open adoption. The genuine and lasting child-centered relationship is at the core of our high-quality option adoptions. Over the past thirty years we’ve placed over nearly 4,000 children. Click on our logos below to learn more and choose the agency that feels right for you.

    If you choose adoption with NPAC, here's what we provide:

    • A Diverse Pool of Prospective Adoptive Families

      Our families genuinely want a lifelong extended family relationship with you.

    • We Welcome LGBTQ+ People/Families

      LGBTQ+ people and same sex couples enrich our community.

    • An Abundance of Information on Adoptive Families

      And the tools to have an ongoing relationship with them.

    • A Legally Enforceable Post-Adoption Contact Agreement

      For ongoing visits.

    • Lifelong Resources

      Provided by compassionate, respectful and knowledgeable professionals.

    Our adoptions are different. This infographic shows how.

    Infographic: Fully Open Adoptions
    View Full Infographic