Expectant parents deserve choice and empowerment.

Support women and couples facing an unplanned pregnancy with these resources.


Our webinar provides you with expert training on pregnancy options counseling.

All options pregnancy counseling is more than a discussion of parenting, abortion and adoption. It’s giving unbiased, fact-based information to women and couples facing an unplanned pregnancy. With our counseling model, you’ll empower those you work with to make the decision that feels best to them. They’ll be fully engaged in the process, and have the tools to realize their own pregnancy vision.

For women who are at risk of having their parental rights terminated by the state, this webinar will also introduce you to our alternative to state adoption, in which high risk moms can pro-actively plan an open adoption for their child. This gives them a voice in the process and an ongoing relationship with their child.

Free materials for you and your clients.


Mini brochure.

This business card-sized mini brochure includes an overview of NPAC services including pregnancy options counseling, open adoption and open adoption as an alternative to state adoption. Includes information in Spanish.


Full-sized brochure.

Outlines our all-options pregnancy counseling including parenting, abortion, adoption. Explains NPAC’s unique open adoption program in which birthparents choose the family, enjoy ongoing visits and receive lifelong services.

What happens when a service provider refers an expectant parent to NPAC?

This infographic shows how our NPAC empowerment model supports expectant parents. We're here to help you meet the needs of the moms you serve. Add NPAC to your referral list!

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