What are the steps for all options counseling and adoption?


1. Learn about your options.

At Friends in Adoption (FIA) and Open Adoption & Family Services (OA&FS) you’ll be treated with dignity and respect as you meet with a qualified counselor. The process starts with all options pregnancy counseling. We’ll provide access to unbiased, accurate information about all of your pregnancy options: parenting, abortion and adoption. We empower you to make an informed decision in an environment free from judgement in which you feel safe, heard, understood and cared for.

We will respect your choice regardless of what it is. If you choose parenting or abortion, we’ll connect you with the resources you need. If your choice is adoption, we’ll help you make a plan that honors your vision. Although we specialize in open adoption, we understand that each situation is unique. Options counseling is provided throughout this process so that you can revisit all of your choices.


2. Choose the parents.

You’re the most qualified person to choose adoptive parents for your child.

You choose from a diverse pool of families who genuinely want an extended family relationship with you. We welcome people/families that are straight, LGBTQ+, married and single.

You review the family book they’ve created that gives you a glimpse into their lives, and home study, which is a report about their beliefs, parenting values and lifestyle.


3. Build a relationship.

You’ll meet and form a relationship with the family. We’re there to help you feel comfortable and get to know one another.

While state laws vary, we work with adoptive and birth parents to create a legally enforceable contract for ongoing visits. All of the adoptive families we work with want a lifelong friendship with you. You’ll get together often, much like an extended family. We’re there for the life of your adoption, providing ongoing relationship guidance and support.

We have 30 years of relationship building expertise and will work with everyone closely behind the scenes to give you the skills and tools you’ll need to create a strong and healthy foundation to your open adoption relationship.


4. Join our community.

You’ll be a member of our open adoption community that is full of opportunities to connect with other birthparents through retreats, workshops and gatherings.